My daughter and I

My Friends, Our favorite fishing hole. These photos represent but one single evening at a place on the Hennepin canal we call the mile walk, This past summer my friends and I started a tradition we all swore we would keep up. Every Saturday afternoon rain or shine we meet where there is a convenient parking area to the bike path that runs the canal's north shore where we unload all our fishing gear, bikes,coolers,some food and I always bring my camera.We load up our bikes with all the gear they can hold and start our mile long trek for an afternoon of fishing,fun and comoradery. more......


Well it is late fall now and the only reason I was able to get these photos, because of the southern arc of the sun and the fact that the canal runs east and west Don't know if we will venture out here in the winter or not yet but Ill bet we will. And I'm sure it will be an adventure as always. lots of tradition here my father took me down there Ive taken my children and they are now taking there's more......

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These Photos are mine taken by me with my camera feel free to use them if you see fit.