Black Ice Review

In the world according to AC/DC, sex money politics and other trappings of adulthood are a sick joke but rock is sacred. No one this side of Chuck Berry has written so many great rock and roll songs about rock and roll and no band short of the Ramones has so militantly refused to reach beyond the basics of the form. AC/DC offer a vision of the Stones if Keith had won every argument: no concept albums no keyboards no disco, no ballads no gospel choirs. And Black Ice is their best argument in years — maybe decades — that evolution is for suckers.

With radio-savvy producer Brendan O'Brien on board, the best stuff nearly lives up to their career peaks, especially "Rock N Roll Train," where the brothers Young toss fat, slashing chords at each other like knife jugglers.
Current Members:
  • Brian Johnson — lead vocals (1980-present)
  • Angus Young — lead guitar (1973-present)
  • Malcolm Young — rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1973-present)
  • Cliff Williams — bass guitar, backing vocals (1977-present)
  • Phil Rudd — drums/percussion (1975-1983, 1994-present)


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